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Killer inside


Everybody’s talking about love,
this higher feeling,
life’s biggest meaning,
and anyone keeps on dreaming,
once to cross cupid’s way …

An easy going,
so it’s meant to be,
with nothing to complain,
two people’s hearts,
wild and free,
they will come to rest …

And I wonder,
what’s going on,
all through the day …

And I wonder,
how many oaths were spoken,
just to become lies on their way …

We broke our hearts,
we raise the fire to burn,
we close our eyes,
like we‘ll never learn …

It’s the killer inside,
who come along …

It’s the killer inside,
with this devils angel eyes,
when everything goes wrong …

It’s this killer inside,
changing day into night …

It’s the killer inside,
turning the page,
and fading life,
from color to black’n white …

The killer of love,
inside all of us …